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*Virus Buster Water is a registered trademark of Surya Co., Ltd.

The most gentle sanitizing liquid
Virus buster water

Virus Buster Water is a sterilizing liquid that combines high sterilizing power with peace of mind.
From baby to adult It can be used by everyone.
To protect everyone in the new lifestyle.

Product Introduction Movie

History of Virus Buster Water

Antibacterial solution born in the United States

MIOX virus buster water was born for the purpose of securing drinking water for the US Army.
It was developed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory at the request of the Pentagon at the time.

Technology still trusted

Even today, it is highly rated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It is also used by the U.S. Water Administration.

It is used all over Japan.

When Legionella caused damage in Japan
It was widely introduced in Japan as a countermeasure.
Since then, it has been introduced one after another in pools and waterworks bureaus around the world.

There is a reason to be chosen

1, Mixed Oxidant

MIOX Virus Buster Water contains
ozone, chlorine dioxide, hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, and
various oxidants. "is.
It has a high disinfecting power equivalent to alcohol.

2, Doesn't smell bad

MIOX Virus Buster Water is an odorless disinfectant.
There is no chlorine odor like hypochlorous acid or alcohol odor.

3, A safe sanitizing solution that is gentle on the skin

MIOX Virus Buster Water is gentle on the skin and does not cause rough skin. Safe to use on pet and baby skin.

Effects of Virus Buster Water

Sterilization test

The results of sterilization tests show that it is effective in sterilizing various types of bacteria. Also, the CDC in the United States has announced that it can be expected to be effective against coronavirus. (Original news)

Sterilization power test

We outsource the test of the sterilization power against bacteria. Virus buster water was diluted to 1ppm, 5ppm, and 10ppm, and the results of observing the sterilization power against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, and Legionella over time are shown here.
Effectiveness was confirmed against all bacteria tested this time.

Spatial sterilization test

A test was entrusted to the Environmental Management Center to test the effectiveness of Virus Buster Water in spatial spraying.
As a result, there was a large difference in the number of bacteria in the space when
virus buster water was sprayed
compared to when tap water was sprayed. became clear.

Deodorizing power test

Virus buster water can also be expected to have a deodorizing effect.
We are also testing the deodorant power at partner companies.
As a result, it was shown that MIOX Virus Buster Water can be expected to have the same deodorizing effect as ozone.

Other verification data

We are also conducting various other tests, so please see here.


Disinfectant used for tap water

Virus Buster Water is a sanitizing solution that is safe enough to be used for sanitizing drinking water. We have additionally conducted various safety tests, so you can use it with confidence.

Verification with rainbow trout

We are verifying the safety of virus buster water using rainbow trout, which are said to be sensitive to water quality. Virus buster water and sodium hypochlorite were each adjusted to a concentration of 1ppm, and changes in rainbow trout were observed. After about 24 hours, the rainbow trout stopped moving in the tank containing sodium hypochlorite. On the other hand, there was no change in rainbow trout in the virus buster water tank. This result also shows that Virus Buster Water is highly safe.

Aspiration toxicity

We have commissioned a domestic research institute to conduct an inhalation toxicity test when spraying Virus Buster Water.
It has been confirmed that it is safe to inhale
in rats.

How to use

Disinfect your hands

Spray the 20ppm product directly onto your fingers,
Let it be familiar with the whole by rubbing it.
We have 100ml bottles that are convenient to carry around.
See the product lineup here

Wipe off bacteria

Spray the 100ppm product onto the object you want to disinfect, and then wipe it off.

Sterilize with space spray

Even when MIOX Virus Buster Water is sprayed in space
It has been verified to be harmless. (Verification result)
Place 5~20ppm product in a humidifier and spray it in the air for about 1 hour.

At the entrance -MIOX Gate-

MIOX gates are available for use at events and at store entrances.
Events such as live performances at the Budokan, swimming competitions, and
It is used at the entrance of supermarket stores.
Implementation example from here

Acquired patents and rights

MIOX Patent

NSP Co., Ltd. holds a patent for the manufacturing method of MIOX Virus Buster Water. Surya has signed an exclusive sales contract for MIOX Virus Buster Water with NSP.


MIOX Virus Buster Water is a registered trademark of
Surya Co., Ltd.

Product lineup

Body Solution

Pouch for refilling
Concentration: 20ppm/100ppm
Capacity: 1000ml/500ml
500ml spray bottle
Concentration: 20ppm/100ppm
Capacity: 500ml
Shower pump spray
Concentration: 20ppm/100ppm
Capacity: 1000ml
Hand spray
Concentration: 20 ppm
Capacity: 100ml

Related Equipment

Body gate set
Power supply: AC100 Power consumption: 300W/600W
MIOX Spray System
Body hose set
Power supply: AC100 Power consumption: 300W/600W
MIOX Spray mini
body only
Power supply: AC100, DC24
Power consumption: 90W/70W
MIOX Spray mini
Body hose set
Power supply: AC100, DC24
Power consumption: 90W/70W

Introduction record

Asakusa Shrine Sanja Festival

Asakusa Shrine Sanja Festival

Tokyo Budokan


Tokyo Budokan

MILIYAH BUDOKAN 2020 supported by
My Ox Virus Buster Water

Takasaki Daruma Market

Evidence Materials

Partner Wanted

Surya is looking for distributors who can jointly sell Virus Buster Water
Please feel free to contact us.

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Q. What is the difference between hypochlorous acid water and sodium hypochlorite?

A. Virus Buster Water is a mixed oxidant consisting of multiple oxidants called Mix oxidant. It is a sanitizing solution patented by the American Pentagon. Originally used to sterilize drinking water, it is safer and more effective than hypochlorous acid water and sodium hypochlorite. In addition, since it is a solution with a pH of 7.1, it is gentle on the skin and does not cause rough hands.

Q. Is there any proof of the disinfection effect?

A. Each of the multiple oxidants contained in Mixoxidant has a disinfecting ability. It is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency for its bactericidal power.

Q. Is Virus Buster Water safe?

A. Virus Buster Water is widely used in tap water sterilization, pools, and hot spring facilities. In addition, it has acquired the NSF mark, which indicates that it can be safely sterilized, by the US environmental NSF International (US private water supply related component certification organization). Please use with confidence.

Q. What kind of bacteria is it effective against?

A. It has been reported to be effective in inactivating various bacteria and viruses such as influenza virus, pathogenic O-157, Legionella, and norovirus. Although there is no direct report on the new coronavirus, WHO has shown that various oxidants contained in virus buster water are effective against the new coronavirus. Therefore, it is considered to be effective for the new coronavirus.

Q.Is there a way to prevent the concentration of Virus Buster Water from decreasing?

A. Virus Buster Water decomposes when exposed to light. Store in a dark place away from light.

Q. Can it be used for children and pets?

A. Virus Buster Water is a disinfectant that is gentle on the skin and approved for use in drinking water. We have also conducted additive experiments in aquariums where rainbow trout are raised, and have confirmed the safety in multiple ways. There is also an example of introduction at an elementary school operated by the German Embassy. Safe to use.

Q. Is it okay if I drink it?

A. Please be careful where you store it as it is not for drinking. Even if accidentally swallowed, a small amount will not cause any harm, but if you feel any abnormality, please consult a doctor.

Q. Can it be used with a humidifier?

A. Virus Buster Water can be used with a humidifier. In-house tests have reported that 10 minutes of spatial spraying can provide about 2 hours of spatial sterilization effect. When using in a humidifier, spray in the air for 10 minutes every 2 hours.